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Bayou Secrets - ebook

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by Jennifer Dawn

Caroline Morgan is a woman riddled with dreams she cannot explain. She runs away, leaving everyone and everything she’s known behind, including her best friend, Maggie. She must confront her dreams and the mysteries that plague her very existence. This search takes her down a winding and torrential journey, leading her into the backwoods of the Louisiana Bayous. It is there that she faces lost love, heartache, and even more secrets; a lost daughter, Sara, the death of another daughter, and a mysterious man named, Gator. Traveling into the realms of voodoo, magic, and werewolves, she ventures deeper and deeper into the dark Bayou Secrets that have been locked within her for far too long. Facing death, blood, evil, and danger, she must confront her past, find the meaning of her tormenting dreams, and unlock the shrouded mystery behind her existence. She must discover who, or what, she truly is.

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