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Brian - Dalton's Kiss Book 6 - eBook

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Kathi S. Barton

In all his years—and Brian Tessler being an ancient immortal vampire, he’d seen many—Brian couldn’t believe one of his best friends, Banny, the king of all vampires, could do something like this to his parents. His parents had been imprisoned on Banny’s orders due to a great debt they apparently owed, and Brian had no money to cover a debt of that magnitude. Another thing Brian couldn’t understand was how they had amassed such a debt in the first place. He paid the property taxes himself every year, and his parents had no loans or credit cards, and the fairies covered the utilities. Brian was at a loss….

Hailey Croft had her own struggles to contend with personally and professionally at the Law Offices of Croft & Croft. Her father had been murdered, and she somehow had to prove it. While going through her father’s cases, she found a file on Brian Tessler. He was one of the last cases her father was working on, but so far, this Brian was a hard man to track down….

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