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Broken Pieces - eBook

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by Elissa Daye

Home was not always where the heart is. Sometimes it was where all the dirty skeletons lay in wait. As a survivor of childhood abuse, Sadie never planned on returning until the day she was summoned to deal with her tormentor’s estate. With a strength and resolve, Sadie forces herself to conquer her demons one last time, to put them to rest once and for all.

When she finds herself sitting before the estate attorney, she is surprised to find Justin Williams has taken on the case. Sadie is transported to another time and place when she had the most outrageous crush on her best friend’s brother. Unknown to her, he would become her knight in shining armor prepared to slay all her dragons and lead her to a whole new world she never knew existed.

The problem with happiness, was the after thoughts of a woman too used to torment to accept it. Darkness had become her friend far too long, as she lived a life void of personal attachment. In Sadie’s world happily ever after was more like an urban legend.

Could Justin teach her the true meaning of love?

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