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Claimed - Beau Reve Book 3 - eBook

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by Elissa Daye

Beau Reve, where sexual fantasies come alive.

Nina believed in compartmentalizing her life as much as possible. Strong-willed and independent, she always promised herself she would never depend on any man. The only problem with that mentality was that life could get pretty lonely.

Day in and day out, she put her nose to the grind, trying to work off her school loans by working for Phillip Wills, who was more handsome than any man had a right to be. Nina kept him at arm’s length, knowing he would only be a distraction from the path she set for herself.

Unbeknownst to her, Phillip’s eccentric mother has other plans for her. When the older woman sends her on an errand to bring Phillip his briefcase, she has no idea she will end up stranded on board an erotic ship filled with horny men ready to appease her every appetite. The only problem is only one man sparks her interest.

If Nina gives in to the desires hidden beneath the surface, she knows she will never be the same. Should she let him make her wildest fantasies come true, or would she run from the desire he awakens in her?

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