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Denver - Tucker's Pride Book 1 - eBook

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Kathi S. Barton

Denver Tucker just wants a new start for his family, so he contacts the king of his kind, Ronan Foster and his wife, Brook, of Foster’s Pride, for help. The Fosters are more than happy to help the Tucker family to get a fresh start in California.

Bailee Sims is having a rough time. Her former bosses in the US government won’t take ‘no’ for an answer when she refuses to continue working for them. They have made it their mission to make sure she’s lost her house and her car and made sure that no business will hire her, either. It is that situation that puts her in a long line on opening day for the Foster/Tucker Foundation to open its doors.

When the man behind Bailee in line whips out a gun to fire on Denver as he’s opening the door to the Foundation, Bailee can’t react fast enough before the gun fires, but she takes the man down before anyone else is hurt, but she is gravely injured too in the process.

Denver just wants to thank the pretty woman for saving his life, but she’s in no mood to talk, and when she finds out that Parker made her immortal to save her life, she is more pissed than ever. She has no home, no food, and no job. Living an eternity like that is nothing to look forward to.

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