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Desire Awakened - Aaron's Kiss Series Book 13

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“If you go out there, you’ll have to see to the woman first. The boy will make it if you help him later, but the woman won’t.”

The sounds of cars screeching when she opened the door startled her. She looked back at Sam, and she nodded. Lizzy took off in the direction of the gathering crowd and wondered what had happened.

Not a good way to start her afternoon, Lizzy MacManus rushes to the scene of a horrific accident. Using her own blood and a strong dose of magic, she saves two people—but it costs her. Now all she can think about is how exhausted she is as well as hungry. Trying her best to avoid all contact with the very handsome, very human male, Lizzy finds herself trapped in an elevator with him and before it begins to move again, they’re mated. She certainly didn’t intend to bite the man, but now that she has, there is no turning back. Not her favorite way to end a day either as far as she’s concerned.

Logan doesn’t need any issues right now. He’s trying his best to make a better life for himself, his sister and his son. But meeting the beautiful woman at the hospital impersonating his ex-wife changes everything. Despite his best efforts, he’s drawn not only to the mysterious woman who’s bit him but to her intimidating family as well.

Megan wants the same building Logan has placed a bid on. As part of the deal, Logan is planning to expand his business and help renovate the nearly bankrupt city. Megan could care less why Logan has placed the bid. She wants the building for herself and will do anything to keep him from taking it from her—especially when she discovers he’s Lizzy’s mate. Anything including hiring a rogue pack of werewolves to hunt him and his family down and kill them. Destroying Lizzy’s mate would settle a vendetta the two women had had against each other since they were children.

Lizzy and Logan don’t want to fall in love. They most assuredly don’t want to stay together, but love and an unquenchable need for each other gives them more than enough to take on anything and anyone. Together they are stronger than her father, Aaron, will ever be. But will they be strong enough to survive Megan’s plans to destroy Logan and enact revenge on Lizzy? Find out in the thirteenth installment of Aaron’s Kiss.

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