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Finding Grace Again - eBook

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by Beth Jannery


“I urge everyone to read Finding Grace Again, which I think is beautifully written with a page turning story. Finding Grace Again is a lovely woman's novel with strong commercial possibilities.“ - Hillel Black served as editor-in-chief of William Morrow, publisher of Macmillan, and executive editor of Sourcebooks.

Black was editor to the bestselling book MASH (before it was a movie and popular TV mini series) and Sidney Sheldon's editor. He was the editor for Finding Grace Again.

New York Times Bestselling Editor Editor Hillel Black believes Finding Grace Again combines the page turning excitement and emotional impact of The Big Chill and Eat, Pray, Love. It is the heart breaking, heart-warming story of one woman who loses everything and must begin again. A thirty-something stay-at-home-Mom, Regan feels like she’s living the perfect life until she walks into her bedroom, and finds her husband having sex with a younger woman in their marital bed. She thinks her worst nightmare has come true until something even more unspeakable happens. Her beloved five-year-old daughter Grace is killed in a car accident.

The horrific accident occurs while Regan is in a fit of anger, raging with one hand on the wheel and the other hand is firing off a bitter text to her cheating husband. After an inevitable divorce and the sale of her dream home, Regan has no idea how she can cope or what she should do next. The only life she ever knew was the one she had designed with what she thought was the perfect, ivy-educated attorney husband, the Martha Stewart-style home and the white picket New England fence. She retreats to the Berkshires in Massachusetts to find herself.

She meets a cast of characters during a weekend at an inn that help her see more painful truths. Then she comes face to face with a guest who may be the answer. But she wrestles with the dilemma of diving into the arms of a safe, protective man and another plan. Instead, she decides to walk away from the man she may love and venture out on her own and risk the unknown.

She learns that life isn’t about planning. Life is for living. And then she finds Grace again.

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