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Ghost Audit - eBook

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Phoebe Marshall, ghost hunter extraordinaire, isn’t thrilled when she must bring along a government auditor to her next job. It doesn’t help that he’s incredibly handsome and shows nothing but disbelief in her line of work.

Pete Tarland wants Phoebe to justify all those ghostly write-offs she’s listed on her income tax and insists on seeing her in action. Everything about Phoebe intrigues him. What better way to get to know her than spending the week before Halloween together in a so-called haunted house?

Miles from the city in a cozy town is a huge old house with a trio of stubborn ghosts, a hundred-year-old murder mystery, and a sinister presence lurking in the shadows. Hardly the place for romance to become anything more than a fleeting hope between the unlikely pair.

Or is it?

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