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Grace Anne - The Waite Family Series Book 6 - eBook

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by Kathi S. Barton


“Christ, love a dub, he was scrumptious!” Grace thought to herself when the model walked in to do the cover of her catalog. But what she didn’t know immediately was that he was the wrong model. Grace is on a time crunch to get her Christmas catalog done on time and has to model her own clothing line. This was completely against what she wanted to do but had no choice.

Michael Cunningham wants the Washington building from G.A. Waite and he is going to get it from him. Him? It wasn’t going to happen since G.A. Waite is actually Grace Anne Waite, a female that has owned the building for a good 10 years now. But being a Waite, good luck in trying.

Grace Anne is a designer and lives in the building. Michael wants more than just the building, he wants Grace as well. When he’s with her and she receives a threatening phone call, he’s going to change things so she is safe. Grace doesn’t want Michael or his son, Trace in danger since the caller has now threatened them as well. They are going to go see Cain and all of Grace’s family and make a plan to save everyone from the evil that has been haunting them for years. Grace doesn’t want anyone hurt because of her so she knows she will have to leave everyone she loves behind.

When Thomas, Michael’s step brother and Guinevere get together, trouble is in the making. How are they going to be stopped this time when they both feel they aren’t getting what is owed to them? Will their evil be discovered before it’s too late?

This is book 6 in the Waite series. We dare you to not fall in love with Trace as quickly as Grace and her family will. Family strength has no end when it comes to protecting the ones you love.

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