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Harlin Bentley - Berkley's Bastards Book 4 - eBook

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Kathi S. Barton

Raven Tanner has been caring for the elderly, Glenna Pastor, for a decade. Now they are in court again to keep Glenna’s kids from removing her from the nursing home. The Pastor kids are unfit to care for their elderly mother. And when the judge appoints Raven as Glenna’s caretaker, the Pastor kids are having none of it. The oldest, William, decides Raven must be removed from the picture permanently.

Harlin Bently has been on his own most of his life. He isn’t coping well with it, either. When his half-brothers track him down and want him to come to stay with them, he has no reason to object. And when he is asked to sit with the pretty, unconscious attorney in the hospital, he is inexplicably drawn to her…

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