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Kaleb - Samuel's Pride Series Book 3 - eBook

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Kathi S. Barton


is running out of time. She’d been caught and now she’s dying. The

thought of death doesn’t scare her, she just doesn’t want to die alone.

There is only one person she cares enough about to reach out to―a

childhood friend―Samuel.

Samuel sits up from a dead sleep in a sweat, his body hurts all over. It takes him a few seconds to realize it isn’t his body that hurts but a childhood friend’s body―Thor. Thor has always had a mental link with him and is telling him goodbye. Goodbye is not an option.

Kaleb Jonas joined Samuel’s Pride a year ago. Bears are loners, but he’s found a sense of belonging with Samuel. Now, Samuel needs his help to find a childhood friend before it’s too late. But when he finds Thor, it may already be too late. She is his mate―he doesn’t want a mate―but he can’t just let her die.

Thor is a loner and has worked very hard to stay out of personal entanglements. When she wakes from her injuries, she is not happy that the big handsome man, Kaleb, won’t leave her alone. But she doesn’t want to see him hurt either. She has to go. The men who tried to kill her will try again and she doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt.

Kaleb isn’t letting her go anywhere. He didn’t want a mate, but now that he’s found her he’s changed his mind. But can he protect her or himself from the men trying to kill her? Are any of them safe?

Find out in the next installment of the Samuel’s Pride Series―Kaleb

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