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Lica - House of Frazier Book 1 - eBook

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Lica Frazier and his five brothers had a rough start in life. Their mother, only half wolf, and their father, human, the boys shouldn’t have been able to shift. The fact that they could was a secret they kept closely guarded from their parents.

Now grown, although financially poor, the Frazier boys had made a respectable name for themselves. Their current Alpha was looking to retire and wanted Lica to take over the pack as the new Alpha.

Brandy Connor had a bone to pick with Lica Frazier. He’d upset one of her employees, and she needed to get to the bottom of it.

Lica knew instantly that Brandy was his mate, and he wasn’t happy in the least that he’d found her. She was human, and his parents were a good enough reason to dislike humans…

Brandy didn’t know what his problem was. She didn’t care for him much, either…

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