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My Fave Thing - eBook

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Haji SM

“The Beastie dipped his finger into a pile of white bone dust beside a grinding machine and started licking it with gusto, his green wet tongue quivering...”

As a great snowstorm rages across Ireland, an ancient evil awakens from his long slumber, thirsty for blood. A cunning predator, he knocks on people’s doors, stealing their little children away using guile and magic.

When the Beastie threatens her family, young Mary must find the courage and wits to overcome this ruthless monster or risk losing everyone she holds dear. But how can a mere ten-year-old, whose very dreams and memories are manipulated by the Beastie’s dark power, hope to even survive?

A tale of childhood innocence, family love, and bravery pitted against a relentless force of evil.

Read on if you dare!

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