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Night Hungers - Aaron's Kiss Series Book 10

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Aiden St. James is a 600 year old vampire/shifter. He’s the brother of Tristan, and Uncle to Emma. He wants to settle down and find a mate. He lives in France but is coming to visit Tristan in the U.S. He’s been lonely too long.

Allison Zander also known as Zane is older than anyone knows. She’s an auto mechanic and has a wonderful boss named Danny March. Zane has many gifts but not the kind she really wants. She was a test tube baby mixed with different species and has tattoos on her back and shoulder. She’s also a bounty hunter for Mel, the Queen. The lab that she was held up in till she was 17, no longer existed after she killed everyone and escaped.

Out on a mission, Zane has contacted Aaron MacManus to come and get a vampire that had been injured. She has her first run in with Aiden at the Blood Moon. Zane saves Aaron from a shape shifter and now he owes her, but she doesn’t want anything except to die and be out of her misery.

Simon Sinclair is on a mission. He’s going to work with Sherman and be rich and powerful. He is going to build an army to take over all humans and earth. But he needs to have someone to use as his partner and he knows just the person to get.

Zane is getting close to Aiden but she doesn’t want to be his mate. She refuses to bring him into the life she has lived and where she has killed many even though it feels good to be around him and to have someone that wants to be around her. Can he help her to see they are mates for life? How can she have him when she has been sentenced to the life she has now?

Welcome to the 10th story in the Aaron’s Kiss series, where magic is always around. Revisit with Tristan and Bailey, Aaron and Sara and become a part of their world.

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