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Portals to Wonderland 2 - eBook

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by Jean Young

Julia and Benjamin are back on another adventure through the Portal. This time, they travel to the TRAPPIST-1 star system (located 235 trillion miles from Earth) to save the astronauts from crashing into the forcefield around the star’s planets.

Who put up the force field around the planets in the first place? Julia and Benjamin must travel four hundred million years back into the past to solve the mystery and help two races of aliens from destroying each other. Will they succeed? What will they imagine from the magic pouch to help them on their quest?

“My daughter Lily was delighted to read Jean Young’s first book in the Portals to Wonderland series. Her enthusiasm was ignited by Jean Young’s imaginative story. She and other children will be delighted with this next installment in the series, and parents and children alike will appreciate Jean Young’s impressive book.”David Palmer, husband and father of two

“Portals to Wonderland is a fantastic pair of adventure stories for kids that recall the Chronicles of Narnia and Magic Tree House books but strike their own path with relatable young narrators and an attention to science and responsibility that would make any elementary school teacher proud. Young children will enjoy the characters and worlds author Jean Young has created in this accessible and enjoyable book.”Pete Mazzaccaro, Editor of Chestnut Hill Local Newspaper

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