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Prophecy's Daughter - eBook

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From Emma’s creation as a frozen embryo in a madman’s lab on Earth to her reign as the High Priestess of Nellar on Aldebar, she struggles to fulfill her destiny. Gallandra proclaimed her the daughter of prophecy, one sent to reconcile the peoples of Aldebar, but Emma is too young to bear such responsibility, and Galandra is no longer there to guide her.

To fulfill her destiny, Emma must uncover secrets hidden from everyone except the High Priestess. The Stones warn her that not all secrets are safe to tell. What will happen if she shares the truth of their origins and their sins? Will the people of Aldebar love her or hate her? Will they embrace the truth or hate the messenger? Not even the Stones, with all their wisdom and power, can guide her. They fear the truth and have kept the secret and their part in it hidden for thousands of years. Is it time to let the truth shine?

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