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Rocket Hounds - eBook

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by Erik Daniel Shein, Melissa Davis & Karen Fuller

Oaktree Farms is not just known as a second chance for rescued animals. It’s also known for having the fastest dogs around the agility circuit. After the farm suffers from a tragic loss, it’s up to some new recruits to help pull them all back together and save the farm.

When two young pups, Cody and Taz, are brought to Oaktree Farm, they have no idea what new life is in store for them. The chocolate lab and Australian shepherd are big fans of the infamous circuit champion Rocket. The Great Dane decides to help train them to run agility courses with him to help bring the title back home to the farm.

With the fate of Oaktree Farms on their shoulders, the Rocket Hounds must find a way to win the Regional Canine Classic.

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