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Santa in the Shed - eBook

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Brian Croasmun

Brian Croasmun retired from teaching in 2022 after spending thirty-three years trying to convince middle schoolers to read. He was also a coach of many things, from t-ball to high school varsity sports, and even a two-week stint as a band director. He filled in the rest of his nights by broadcasting high school ball games for the local radio station, which he still does today.

Brian is the father of two adult children, Chase and Davianne, who use their college degrees to teach him how to promote books and social media. They enjoy the opportunity to boss their dad around. He lives in West Virginia with his lovely wife Sherry, a school counselor, their two dogs, and a leopard tortoise. When not working on his next book, you might catch him in his office learning to strum a new song on his ukulele or at a local pickleball court taking on the competition.


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