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Small Town Spirit - eBook

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Patricia Crumpler

Recently divorced Jennifer Hughes starts a new life by buying an adorable Victorian house in the small town of Livonia. Along with the house’s furniture, she gets the spirit of the original owner, Miles Hampton, a turn-of-the-century detective. Miles resents new owners disturbing his nether-rest, so he tries to make Jen leave. Quirky and stubborn, Jen stays. She and Miles negotiate a compromise allowing them both to reside in the house they love.

Now fully awakened, Miles explores the town he once lived in and can’t help solving a few crimes. Jen reports the criminal activity to Lee Ferguson, the town’s attractive and available detective, who acts on the information. Charmed by Jen, Lee can’t accept that she got her tips from a ghost, but he tolerates the notion she’s psychic.

A wonky, triangular relationship develops between Jen, Lee, and Miles. Strange happenings in Livonia develop as well. Evil grows in the town, and it becomes a ticking bomb.

Jen and her allies must craft a strategy to counteract the catastrophic upheaval sure to come. Can Jen figure out why Miles hasn’t passed on? Can she make a new life with love and happiness? Can she save Livonia? Maybe….

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