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The Alphabet Code - Alphabet Soup Series Book 3 - eBook

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Carl England

Seven years earlier, Holly and Mark had been members of a covert military team. After one disastrous mission, they learned that quitting the team might not be an option. Their leader had recruited Holly’s husband, Tim, to ensure that the mission’s failure remained a secret.Fortunately, Mark and Holly had survived his attempt to ensure their silence. Holly had demanded a divorce.

Seven years after the divorce Tim was still stalking Holly. With her new identity, Holly had believed that she was safe, but Tim had almost unlimited resources at his disposal.

Kidnapped and locked in total darkness, Holly is subjected to daily visits from her ex-husband. Tim will only feed Holly if she agrees to talk to him, to listen to him. And he insists that he will MAKE her love him, again.

Will she be rescued? Can she escape? Will she die in captivity? Or will Tim actually force Holly to love him?

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