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The Gift - eBook

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Debbie Chase

Donna Lane has the sight or the Gift, as her grandmother encouraged her to call it, and through her dreams and interest in tarot, she intends to crack the mystery of the whereabouts of the missing girl, Esme Palmer. Newly arrived back in her hometown, Hampshire, and armed with her success of tracing the missing girl, Marie Nowell, in Paris, she approaches the police, only for her services to be declined.

Criminal Psychologist Baz Brady appears on the scene and, impressed with a tarot reading, he and Donna, despite an attraction, form a totally platonic partnership in order to solve the mystery. Set in the heatwave of 1976, where flared jeans, fab lollies, foot-stomping disco music and rogue ladybirds ruled the world, will the duo succeed in their quest and perhaps find romance in the process?

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