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The Greatest Reindeer - eBook

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Greg S. Paris

There has only been one significant crime in the history of Apricity. The outlaw to commit the unforgivable act was among the most beloved and respected in the village, and the shockwave of its commission helped write the history of many of our Christmas traditions.

Cedric was the greatest reindeer in the early years of the Northern World. His partnership with Kris brought light back to Apricity. The two set off on a mission to bring advancement to a dark, primitive and dangerous world. As they travel, they must overcome the fear and mysticism embodied by the evil Forest of Onitram that is prevalent in the Northern World. Cedric will prove time and again to be the most loyal and dependable of partners, and his accomplishments will earn him the love and respect of all who know him. Despite this, his difficult youth and the resulting self-doubt are never far from Cedric’s consciousness.

His intense pride and oversensitivity led him to commit an unforgiveable crime against his hometown. He is forced to flee and set up a new community in rivalry with his former partner. His resulting journeys will introduce him to fantastic lands and characters as he winds his way back toward a climactic reunion with Kris, where he will surely be forced to atone for his sins.

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