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The Last Tour - eBook

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by Glenn A. Bruce

Dan and Marion Cooper arrive in an Asian tropical paradise to find themselves victims of a series of powerful earthquakes and the outset of war between the northern and southern halves of the country. After the Coopers and a young mixed couple are rescued by the sexy and mysterious “Lana,” she disappears along with Dan and young surfer Lucas. Marion and Lucas’s African American wife, Alanda, are forced to return to the States, alone, filled with questions. When a young Army sergeant shows up with tales of Aliens in UFOs causing the quakes, Marion turns away despite being relentlessly questioned and followed by the FBI. Alanda, on the other hand, becomes a believer—whether it’s true or not. But what happened to her new husband and to Dan Cooper? And what is Dan Cooper’s dark secret? Will anyone survive these ultimate tests? If the war goes on long enough, no one is likely to make it out alive.

The Last Tour tests belief systems—in relationships, government, and the unknown. Are alien beings helping one corrupt regime overpower another? Are UFOs real? If no one is right, is anyone wrong? Can love survive separation? These are questions Marion Cooper never thought she’d face in her lifetime. Now, everything bad is real, and everything real is bad.

Or is it? Only one thing is certain: Neither Dan nor Marion Cooper will ever do another tour like this one. Those hopes died the day he disappeared into the jungles of Phnongtuk.

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