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The Maiden's Sleep - eBook

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Michael J. Stiehl

Bow has hit bottom. Banished from the town of Dunwynn, his hands crippled by the town guard, he drinks his days away in a hut made of sticks and mud. He is a long way from being part of the legendary father/daughter duo Knife & Bow.

That's because his daughter is dead. Killed by The Maiden's Sleep, a plague that ran rampant through Dunwynn all spring and summer, killing only young women.

Now, there are two children in his hut asking him to find their missing father. Against his better instincts and to make a little money, he decides to help. It’s a decision that will lead him into the darkest corners of Dunwynn, revealing a secret sect of alchemy and a plot to achieve unspeakable power.

Can Bow play the hero one more time, or will the truth about The Maiden’s Sleep be his end?

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