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The Mighty Tuskers - eBook

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Shein Davis Fuller

A compelling journey of seven legendary tusker superheroes and the one in line to be the next king.

A war has raged for centuries in the African rainforest. Once a place of peace ruled by a great tusker king, the rainforest now lies in shadows as the ghosts of the Obambo fight for dominance. The story is older than time, but a glimmer of hope shines on the horizon. Change is in the wind, and the world is ready for it.

Dakarai, a young African forest elephant, has grown up on the stories of his father, the great tusker king, Ajamu, one of the seven great tusker superheroes. It is not only his birthright to follow in his father’s footsteps but also his greatest desire. Hidden and sheltered from the ongoing war, Dakarai finds himself unprepared when the time comes to join.

With their very existence at stake, Dakarai must master his abilities and self-doubts to face the greatest evil in the jungle. If he doesn’t prevail, all is lost.

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