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The Price of Rebellion - The Price of Series Book 2 - eBook

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Michael C Bland

It’s 2047. Secrets have been revealed. And Washington wants revenge.

Dray Quintero learned an ugly truth: the leaders in D.C. are fake. They’ve stolen the identities of those elected to Congress and are determined to stay in power, using his own technology against him and the rest of the population.

After revealing the dangers of their mandated implants to his fellow citizens, and calling on everyone to rise up, Dray joins the already-underway rebellion. But his joining is as much to free the U.S. as it is to avenge his daughter’s death. Before he can strike, The Agency attacks with devastating consequences. Dray and the other survivors are forced to run as Agents hunt them.

Then Dray makes a discovery that could change the nation.

As he and the rebels prepare a bold offensive, his wife Mina broadcasts a preposterous claim. He’s forced to choose between the rebellion and a desperate hope. Between family and country.

What he does will change everything.

The Price of Rebellion is the action-packed second installment of The Price Of series from multiple-award–winning author Michael C Bland.

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