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Wooden Ponies - eBook

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Geordie Gilman

Wooden Ponies is a suspenseful story about an abandoned farmhouse that should have been burned to the ground years ago when the farmer, Zeke Osborne, gruesomely murdered his wife and their five young children and then disappeared in the middle of a snowstorm, never to be seen again.

Twenty-two years later, two frantic mothers rushed into the sheriff’s office hysterically shouting that their two young children had not returned home and were last seen riding their bicycles toward the old farmhouse to go fishing in a nearby pond.

Sheriff Roger Lefebvre hoped he had seen the last of the Osborne farmhouse, having witnessed the horrific aftermath of the Osborne murders in his first year as sheriff and a later unsolved murder of a realtor found hanging from a beam in the barn. Now, in his last year of serving as the county sheriff, Roger must again venture into the dark farmhouse, hoping to find the children safe but will encounter even more horrifying mysteries.

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