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Zack’s Tale - An Otherworld Trilogy Companion Novel and Prequel - eBook

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Hermione Lee

After breaking up with his first love and losing his only family member, Zachary Valentino has his heart set on taking revenge on Alta Williams, the wicked queen of the Underworld, for the irreversible damage she inflicted on him. As he joins the Otherworld, however, his life is far from peaceful. The Elders mock, ridicule, and demean him for his lack of potential, with his mentor and only ally, Helen Edmunds, as an exception. One day, fortune smiles upon him and grants him a miracle that brings him and Helen closer to each other, and he develops an infatuation for her. When King Patrick and Queen Marianne send Helen on a mission to the Underworld, Zack risks his life and volunteers to accompany her through the unknown trials that await them. What neither of them are aware of is the sobering fact that this quest may determine their rise or fall in more ways than one, for their demise may not be as far away as it seems….

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