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Author Patricia Crumpler

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About the Author


Patricia is a former art teacher and high school librarian. She lives in south Florida with her husband and three dogs. She writes short stories, novellas, and novels, mostly fantasy and Sci-Fi. She has also written three Romances, a Sci-Fi, a Victorian, and a Contemporary. Her stories revolve around action and deep relationships, allowing the reader to watch the scene unfold as if present. Patricia is active in three critique groups and often helps new writers learn the ropes. She is an active member of Florida Writers Association, Mystery Writers of America, and Romance Writers of America.

When not writing, Patricia enjoys painting watercolors and drawing in several media. Currently she is learning illustration techniques for future books. Her frequent travel provides opportunities to check off bucket list items and sometimes inspires new stories. She is a voracious reader and loves a good book talk.

Check out her Facebook page at Carpewordum@gate. net.

Death and Disorder


A Vivian Wexler Galactic Mystery

Author: Patricia Crumpler

Print ISBN:  9781951642563    

E-Book ISBN:  9781951642570

Genre: Science Fiction/Mystery

Release Date 4/27/2020

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Vivian Wexler investigates a recent rash of suicides on the planet Sorasol, so peaceful it doesn’t have a word for suicide. As she uncovers an evil alien scheme behind the puzzling deaths, Vivian gets more than she bargains for. Dodging death from an alien underworld, mafia-like aliens want control, addicting her with a mind-body enhancement substance delivered by a small slug-like creature. Their plan backfires. Now smarter and stronger, the improvements offered by the slug opens the door to solving crimes in the galaxy. In Vivian’s quest for justice, is there anyone to help her? Torn between the good she gains from the addiction, and the fact she is addicted, she has to make some life changing choices.

Award-winning author Patricia Crumpler offers a dangerous romp through the galaxy dodging death and weaving through amazingly weird elements. Irresistible and compelling.



Author: Patricia Crumpler

Hardback ISBN: 97987898599

Print ISBN:  9781956788228   

E-Book ISBN:  9781956788235

Genre: Science Fiction/Mystery

Release Date 11/15/2021

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If you were sentenced to death, wouldn't you jump at a chance for life? Even if that reprieve meant leaving Earth to live on a spaceship full of freaks, the hideous survivors of a DNA altering plague?

Arlen Rowell took that chance and found the freaks were a finer stock of folks than the ones who shunned them from their home planet.

On the ship Benevolence, Arlen found integrity, courage, danger, Then he found a way to contact the other nine Freak Ships with the idea that 50,000 freaks could seek a planet to call home.

Strong Will


Author: Patricia Crumpler

Print ISBN:  9781953271648

E-Book ISBN:  9781953271655

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date 2/22/2021

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Teacher Emma Whitstone, reserved and quiet, works with deaf children while yearning for a family of her own. Charles Strong Manning is an outgoing, self-assured attorney. They couldn’t be more different, but their incredible chemistry leads to love, marriage, and a family.

There is more to Strong than meets the eye. In addition to his successful consulting law practice, he also has a dangerous and clandestine second job—one that could jeopardize his family. To protect Emma from worry, Strong does not tell her that he is the leader of a four-person undercover rescue operation. When one of those missions goes terribly wrong, and lives are lost, Emma suspects her husband is involved in something mysterious and violent.

 One of Strong’s team-members wants Strong for herself and will do anything to get him.  Finding Emma in a vulnerable state, the woman feeds Emma horrifying information about Strong. Emma takes her children to a place she believes is safe from her husband and the double life he leads. But is any place safe? Is Strong the monster she’s told he is, or the man she fell in love with? Or something entirely different?

Strong leaves no stone unturned and finds his wife and children. Can he convince Emma to trust him again? Will love be enough to heal their wounds? He has never failed a mission. Can he rescue his relationship?

Fate's Sweet Passion


Author: Patricia Crumpler

Print ISBN:  9781955086752

E-Book ISBN:  9781955086769

Genre: Victorian Romance

Release Date 9/6/2021

Teacher Alexina Poole resigns herself to spinsterhood until a long-forgotten marriage contract comes to light. Peyton Woodleigh is a high society recluse who is content to work his land until he too learns of the marriage contract. Starry-eyed Alexina seeks a loving home and family, but Peyton must marry her or forfeit his property and assets.

Alexina falls in love instantly, but Peyton resists the charms of his new wife. When a thief endangers the valley’s future, Alexina offers a solution. She and Peyton bring their unique apple brandy to London. Despite its resounding success, their relationship becomes more distant and strained.

Then Nature hurls another blow to their beloved valley. When their marriage and lives lay in shambles, help comes from an unexpected quarter, providing answers to long-standing mysteries. Together, Peyton and Alexina overcome the obstacles to find love together in Fate’s Sweet Passion.

Small Town Spirit


Author: Patricia Crumpler

Print ISBN:  9798891260146

E-Book ISBN:  9798891260153

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Release Date 8/14/2023

Recently divorced Jennifer Hughes starts a new life by buying an adorable Victorian house in the small town of Livonia. Along with the house’s furniture, she gets the spirit of the original owner, Miles Hampton, a turn-of-the-century detective. Miles resents new owners disturbing his nether-rest, so he tries to make Jen leave. Quirky and stubborn, Jen stays. She and Miles negotiate a compromise allowing them both to reside in the house they love.

Now fully awakened, Miles explores the town he once lived in and can’t help solving a few crimes. Jen reports the criminal activity to Lee Ferguson, the town’s attractive and available detective, who acts on the information. Charmed by Jen, Lee can’t accept that she got her tips from a ghost but he tolerates the notion she’s psychic.

A wonky, triangular relationship develops between Jen, Lee, and Miles. Strange happenings in Livonia develop as well. Evil grows in the town and it becomes a ticking bomb.

Jen and her allies must craft a strategy to counteract the catastrophic upheaval sure to come. Can Jen figure out why Miles hasn’t passed on? Can she make a new life with love and happiness? Can she save Livonia? Maybe…

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