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Perry's Nest Book 1

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Hardback ISBN: 9781958336106

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336113

eBook ISBN:  9781958336045

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire

Release Date 5/9/2022

Lander was good at her job. What she wasn’t good with was people, most people, in fact. Especially attornies who weren’t prepared when they cross-examined her as a witness. She didn’t care. She had work to do. Leaving the courthouse was the last thing she remembered when she woke up in the hospital.

Happy to have finally found his mate after all these centuries, Hamish, an ancient vampire, had been following her scent all morning. The scent led him to the courthouse, where he decided to wait until she came out. But shots rang out when Lander stepped out of the building. Hamish would have to move fast, or he would find and lose his mate at the same time.

Hamish Audio.jpg


Perry's Nest Book 2

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Hardback ISBN: 9798370537059

Paperback ISBN: 9781960076120

eBook ISBN: 9781960076137

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire

Release Date 12/21/2022

Robin had been born a vampire, but when she failed to develop fangs at twenty-five, her family deemed her worthless and left her at the mercy of the vampire council to do with what they pleased. Being a slave was all she’d ever known.

Warren Justice was a very old and lonely vampire. He had been alone for so long he had pulled his affairs together and contemplated ending his existence until Hamish summoned him. He had intended to visit his old friend one last time to say goodbye.

When Warren met Hamish’s mate, Lander, the shock and power exchange they both received gave him a new lookout on life. And when Lander summoned the bookkeeper of the vampire records, he realized the woman cowering in the corner was his mate.

The vampire council had a lot to answer for, and Robin knew all their dirty little secrets….

Warren Audio.jpg


Perry's Nest Book 3

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Hardback ISBN: 9798393908553

Paperback ISBN: 9781960076687

eBook ISBN: 9781960076694

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Bear

Release Date 05/08/2023

Ruby Thimble didn’t have anything left to lose. She had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and now her days were numbered. She sold everything and decided she wanted to spend what time she had left with her sister, Rosie.

Rosie struggled with dark thoughts. Ending her days here on Earth remained forefront in her mind. But when her sister just suddenly showed up on her doorstep and her days were numbered by no choice of her own, Rosie wasn’t having it. She had to do something. She knew a bear shifter and knew he could help. She’d get down on her knees and beg if she had to.

Calhoun Meyer didn’t know what he could do to help, but he and Rosie were supposed to be leaving to work for Hamish in a few days, so he said he’d help her sister if he could. When he arrived at the camper to see what he could do, if anything, it hit him that Ruby was his mate….

Calhoun Audio.jpg


Perry's Nest Book 4

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261204

eBook ISBN: 9798891261211

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampire

Release Date 12/08/2023

Murray was wrapped up in trying to solve the mess that his parents found themselves in. In essence, the town was trying to steal their home. A few minutes after speaking with Lander, a Rosie Thimble called his phone. She was taking charge of this shit storm, and heads were going to roll.

When Rosie got out of the car, Murray introduced himself. The moment that he touched his hand to hers, he felt a feeling roll over him akin to his skin being set on fire. Not only his skin but where her fingers were touching his. He could feel the iciness of her anger like it was his own. Closing his eyes to the onslaught of not only her anger but every memory that she’d ever had. He could only wonder what she was getting from him…

Murray Audio.jpg
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Perry's Nest Book 5

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Human

Release Date 6/01/2024

Coming Soon

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Perry's Nest Book 6

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Wolf

Release Date to be determined

Coming Soon

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