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Author RaeAnn Carter

About the Author

Rae Ann Carter is an aspiring writer with a passion for creating horror and suspense stories. She has been creating short stories since she was in elementary school and has won writing contests as early as her first-grade year. Born and raised in the historical city of Lexington, Virginia, she has worked as a volunteer with survivors of domestic violence. She has a strong educational background in psychology and graduated at the top of her class from Mary Baldwin University. In her free time she enjoys photography, painting, and poetry.

Don't Speak


Author: RaeAnn Carter

Paperback ISBN:  9781950890682

eBook ISBN:  9781950890699

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Release Date 9/30/2019

Four college students move away from campus in hopes of acquiring more freedom from their university’s strict policies. They believe they have found their personal slice of paradise until they meet their new neighbors. As events begin to unfold, the harassment they endure gradually grows out of their control and becomes a fight for survival. The police are no help and there seems to be no escape from the hell they are stuck in. Their fate will depend on the mercy of their neighbors…that is if they have any to spare. The neighbors only have one simple request, don’t speak!

Victim Six


Author: RaeAnn Carter

Paperback ISBN:  9781951642648

eBook ISBN:  9781951642655

Genre: Horror/Crime Thriller

Release Date 05/18/2020

The sleepy little town of Berkbeck was a place abounding with glee and harmony. That changed when he came to town. Lawyer Karen Davis joins hands with the town sheriff, Michael Gardner, after a sequence of homicides occur. One gory detail after another exposes the horrifying truth—Berkbeck has a serial killer prowling its streets. Karen’s neighbor, Janet Ramsey, and hunting club leader, Greg Harris, offer their support as mysteries unravel. The team soon realizes they may have bitten off more than they can chew. The more they try to catch him, the higher the stakes are raised. Without leaving a trace of evidence behind, the killer that calls himself “The Numbering Man” leaves the entire town asking the same question—who will be next?

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