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Author Robert Northam

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About the Author


Hey, it's Robert.


My Girlfriend, the Vampire is about a somewhat nerdy financial analyst in Boston who stumbles across the woman of his dreams. No biggie, right? Come to find out, however, that she has one drawback, but it's a doozy. She drinks blood.


I have to say, I felt uniquely qualified to tell this story. Ok, no, I've never drank blood. But I did spend 30+ years in corporate finance. And, although I don't consider myself nerdy (and opinion that may or may not be shared by others), I have a good feel for the corporate environment where my protagonist makes his living. Plus, I'm a lifelong fan of vampire stories. (Now, let's not examine what THAT says about my personality...)

My career culminated in the position of VP, Finance for a Fortune 500 company. This is my first novel, but I'm sure there will be more, as I reside in New Hampshire where we tend to get snowed in for extended periods of time.


I have degrees from Northeastern and Boston College (pick up on the Boston roots?) I live with my wife Donna. We have two adult children and two grandkids. Other than writing, my hobbies include tending to my house and garden and, now, hoping that you like my book!


Thanks for reading.

My Girlfriend, the Vampire


Author: Robert Northam

Print ISBN:  9781950890286

eBook ISBN:  9781950890293

Genre: Paranormal Dark Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 7/22/2019

My Girlfriend, the Vampire is the story of a nerdy financial analyst living off his father’s hopes for a successful career in Boston. While out for a walk on a foggy night, he encounters the woman of his dreams. She has looks, personality, class. Everything he always fantasized about, and was pretty sure he’d never get. Now, just because people in his life start disappearing or undergoing changes in personality after he meets and develops a relationship with this dream girl, it shouldn’t affect their budding romance. Should it?

Everything is moving along swimmingly, until, of course, Conner David finds out he’s a suspect in several disappearances. He is at once charmed and terrified of the savvy and beautiful Boston Police detective who questions him. Conner finds out the truth about his new love. She does have one flaw after all, but it’s a doozy. She drinks blood. After catching her in the act, he finds out about her origin. Now he has to come to grips with her reality and avoid being booked for murder. Hardly just another day in the office.



Author: Robert Northam

Print ISBN:  9781953271389

eBook ISBN:  9781953271396

Genre: Paranormal Dark Fantasy/Suspense

Release Date 12/7/2020

“Hey, it’s Conner. I know you read about my exploits in My Girlfriend the Vampire. You know how I hooked up with a woman who was way out of my league. I thought she was flawless, but, as it turns out, she did, in fact, have a downside. And it was a doozy. Well, here we are again, and, yes, Lyria and I are still a couple, working our way through our differences. I’ve learned that you have to be tolerant of others in this world, even if your significant other reshapes your very perception of reality. Hey, nobody said love was perfect, right?

“A short time ago, the biggest worry in my life was whether hanging around with Boof Parsons was going to lead to termination from my job as a financial analyst. Or sex addiction. Or both. But, with Lyria as my significant other, such concerns seem rather pedestrian. Now, a member of my family is seriously ill, and I’m holding out hope that my girlfriend will somehow come to the rescue. She is, after all, the only one of her kind left. Or…is she? If you thought things got nuts in MGTV, wait until you read about our latest exploits in Lyria. Thanks. Talk soon.”

The Night Child 1800x2700.jpg

The Night Child


Author: Robert Northam

Print ISBN: 

eBook ISBN: 

Genre: Paranormal Dark Fantasy/Suspense/Horror

Release Date to be determined

Conner David here. Again.

I know you’re all probably curious as to how my life has been going of late. Especially since the only long-term romantic relationship that I’ve ever had was with a member of the undead. Not exactly Hallmark material, huh?

Well, after the dealing with the child vampire Angelika, my ex-lover Lyria fulfilled her promise to a Boston police detective and moved to parts unknown. And she took my nephew Jason with her. Jason was dying of leukemia when Lyria saved his life the only way she could. By converting him to a fellow blood drinking coffin inhabitant.

As you might expect, my life stabilized some after they left. My job was going well. My good buddy Razor Rojas was named to head our department. And I was done dealing with vampirism forever, right?

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

Seems Lyria and Jason’s exploits spilled over into my world once again. And Jason wasn’t my sweet, rambunctious, playful and charming nephew anymore. The cursed blood streaming through his body had made him a creature of pure evil.

Wouldn’t you know it? I was thrust right smack in the middle of dealing with this otherworldly mess once again. Except this time, one of the lives being put in danger was my own. Hope you enjoy reading about my latest escapades!

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