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Author Ryan Michael Hines

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About the Author


Ryan Michael Hines is a novelist, podcaster, and screenwriter based in Los Angeles, CA, who loves the Southland sun but misses the beauty and mystery of the Appalachian Mountains every day.

A graduate of UCLA’s prestigious MFA Screenwriting Program, Ryan has written several award-winning scripts. His TV pilot EASTSIDE OUTLAWS was developed under a First Look Agreement with Sony Crackle. His feature adaptation of EASTSIDE OUTLAWS won Best Crime Feature Screenplay at the 5th LA Crime and Horror Film Festival.

MOONSHINELAND is Ryan’s debut novel and was inspired by his narrative podcast of the same name.


A Tale of Haunted Appalachia

Author: Ryan Michael Hines

Hardback ISBN: 9798862820850

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260665

eBook ISBN: 9798891260672

Genre: Supernatural Horror

Release Date 10/16/2023

When Armandine, a young reporter for a small mountain town newspaper, discovers the lost edition of a rare book, she unearths the truth about a Prohibition-era manhunt undertaken by author and adventurer Horace Kephart. He and his friend, a Cherokee war hero known by the nickname Catch, are recruited by a strange US Marshal known only as The Snake Stick Man to track down notorious moonshiner Buck Ruff. But instead of tracking a human criminal, the men discover they are on the trail of an ancient Evil, the Wolf Man of Appalachia, and that they, the hunters, have become the hunted.

Inspired by Horace Kephart’s true account of prohibition-era murder, moonshine, and mountain mayhem, MOONSHINELAND is the story of two friends’ journey into the Appalachian wilderness, their battles with supernatural cryptids, murderous lumberjacks, and perhaps even the Devil himself. 

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