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Author Susan Weekley

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About the Author


“When my daughter accused me of spending all the grocery money on books, I decided to entertain myself and started writing.” 

Ms. Weekley is a former kindergarten teacher and childcare director. For the last twenty years she has worked in the customer service field for two nationwide companies. 

Ms. Weekley lives in Semmes, Alabama, and is the mother of two and grandmother of three, (counting the grand-dog). She is currently working on two more books. Watch for the third installment of the Evergreen saga, Meddling Maggie!

Hens Rule


The Evergreen Saga Book 1

Author: Susan Weekley

Print ISBN:      9781938243424

E-Book ISBN:  9781938243431

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Release date 6/15/2012

Inheriting the family farm, Rachel and Sherry Collier give up their pampered life in Mobile and move to the rural town of Evergreen, Alabama. After they arrive, the women discover their relative Darlyn MacKinstry was murdered. Accidents continue to happen at the farm, convincing them the murderer is still around. Realizing the danger they are in, Rachel seeks help from the local police. 

Sheriff Jake Brewer is on the case but his attraction to Rachel is hindering his judgment. Who could have killed Darlyn and why? Neighbor Oscar Newcume’s sudden romantic interest in Sherry worries him. Added to Jake’s list of suspects is Rachel’s Grandmother Barbara. Why would a woman who hasn’t set foot on the farm in thirty years unexpectedly return? 

When Sherry is kidnapped Jake and Rachel strive to prevent her from meeting the same fate as Darlyn. Will they find her in time?

Cherokee Rose


The Evergreen Saga Book 2

Author: Susan Weekley

Print ISBN:      9781938961052

E-Book ISBN:  9781938961069

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Release date 10/01/2012

A simple doctor’s visit turns into a disaster when Deputy Sheriff Maria Hinton’s stepdaughter Molly is kidnapped. Sheriff Jake Brewer joins Maria and her husband as they search for the child. Following leads, their adventure takes them to the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma and the mountains of northern Alabama. Will Maria be able to bring her new family back home safely? 

Suffering from blackouts, Trina Hinton returns to Evergreen, Alabama to see her daughter. When she discovers that she has no visitation rights, she abducts Molly. Reaching her hideout, Trina succumbs to another blackout and loses reality. Are the blackouts a result of recent tragedies in her life or because of and Indian curse that was placed on her family generations ago? 

Ollie Hinton’s trust in his new wife’s judgment is shaken when his daughter is stolen while in her care. To make matters worse, the woman responsible is his ex-wife, a woman known for her violent temper. Will Ollie be able to find his daughter before Trina harms her?

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