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Author T. C. Breen

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About the Author

T.C. Breen, a Michigan native and author of The Haunting of Black Lake, has been a devout fan of horror entertainment from an early age. Using inspiration from his favorite authors, such as Stephen King, Anne Rice, John Saul and Peter Straub, Breen aims to strike emotions in readers by bringing imperfect and relatable characters with real-world struggles, relationships and problems. These characters are then thrust into a unique and often paranormal filled world that grips and terrifies you. Although a true horror fan at heart, T.C. Breen believes that consuming many genres from many authors is one of the best ways to hone the craft of your own work, and when not reading horror, Breen enjoys works in fantasy, young adult and the occasional romance novel.

T.C. Breen, a public-school teacher, now resides with his family in his new home state of Utah with his wife and daughter.

The Haunting of Black Lake


Author: T. C. Breen

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336076

eBook ISBN: 9781958336083

Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Horror

Release Date 06/06/2022

Twelve years ago, teenager Troy Kender, came face to face with what haunts the town of Black Lake. He was lucky, he survived. His best friend didn’t. He was told it was an accident and he believed it.

What other reasonable explanation is there? He thought. Black Lake was just the kind of town that had more than its fair share of tragedy.

Echoing that sentiment, a small handful of years later was the freak accidental drowning of his daughter, Grace. After his drawn-out battle with depression and his subsequent divorce, Troy had moved away, becoming a teacher in the neighboring state of Illinois promised himself he would never return to his tragic hometown.

Until his father was diagnosed with a rare illness. Troy, determined to see his father and come to terms with his past, packed his bags for his summer vacation and returned to Black Lake.

Bumping into his ex-wife only complicated the matter.

Now, Troy must try to make amends, enlist the help of his ex-wife to find the answers to what has been happening in his hometown and how to defeat the malevolent forces within it. Can he come to terms with his own grief and guilt to defeat the deity haunting him and Black Lake, or will he become a victim to his demons of the past?

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