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Tate's Crossing Book 1

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Hardback ISBN: 9798797746751

Paperback ISBN: 9781956788488

eBook ISBN: 9781956788495

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Wolf Shifter

Release Date 1/10/2022

Caitlynne’s job was difficult. Doing what she did for the government not only put herself at risk, but any friends or family she had could become a target. When her sister was hurt, she blamed herself even though it had nothing to do with her directly. It didn’t matter. It was time for her to quit before someone she cared about ended up dead.

Joel Tate had been in the building to meet with Becca Jacobson when she was attacked. To save her, Joel had to change her into what he was, a wolf. More or less guarding her in the hospital, Joel met her sister, Caitlynne, when she was brought to the hospital to see her sister. As soon as Caitlynne was close enough to him to get her scent, he knew she was his mate.

Caitlynne’s disappearing act from her job started things rolling. Her boss wasn’t taking I quit as an answer. When they tried to kill her by setting her apartment on fire, Joel thought it was time to take the situation into his own hands….

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Tate's Crossing Book 2

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Hardback ISBN: 9798840892299

Paperback ISBN: 9781958336496

eBook ISBN: 9781958336502

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Wolf Shifter

Release Date 7/18/2022

Cody Martin was a good attorney. Never appreciated at her job, she still never wavered in her loyalty. And when she was suddenly fired for no reason, she found it would be the perfect opportunity to start a business with her brother Matt.

Layton Tate was also an attorney, but he and his brother Loren were bogged down with cases and needed to hire a new firm to help with their caseload. Cody would make a good candidate as her stellar reputation proceeded her. He reached out to shake Cody’s hand. The blast sent them both reeling to opposite sides of the room and shocking the family. Layton and his wolf both knew what that meant.

Cody wasn’t stupid, she knew what Layton was to her too, but she had to make sure the ground rules were straight before she’d have anything to do with him. No one would be pushing her around, mate or no mate….

Layton Audio.jpg


Tate's Crossing Book 3

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Hardback ISBN: 9798375429106

Paperback ISBN: 9781960076267

eBook ISBN: 9781960076274

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Wolf Shifter

Release Date 01/30/2023

Shade Cornwall did her best to help her mother and siblings escape that maniac known as her father, but she’d never acknowledge that. Their run ended abruptly when he tossed a Molotov cocktail into their moving vehicle. Her mother was burning, and it was all she could do to help save her and her siblings from the burning vehicle. As it ended up, her mother’s prognosis for survival didn’t look too good.

Cliff Tate had just returned from a long stint out of the country. It felt good to be home. He didn’t hesitate to take in the kids from the burning vehicle while the driver and their mother were rushed to the hospital.

Shade had no trust in men. Her father had seen to that. Cliff seemed to be a good man, but she’d had enough of men to last her a lifetime….


Tate's Crossing Book 4

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260603

eBook ISBN: 9798891260610

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Wolf Shifter

Release Date 09/25/2023

Loren Tate sought solace in his greenhouse, pondering what to plant next. But he found more than inspiration there — he found his mate, Hanna, gravely injured and on the run. Aurora revealed that Hanna was not only Loren's destined partner but the magical Queen of all Shifters. With Loren as her newfound King, Hanna had the power to defeat her murderous father, who hunted her. But first, Loren had to help Hanna recover, and together they had to embrace their supernatural birthright if there was any hope of stopping a vicious war for power. Now Loren and Hanna must stand united against the darkness — or risk losing their love and lives forever.

Loren Audio.jpg


Tate's Crossing Book 5

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Hardback ISBN: 9798882893902

Paperback ISBN: 9798891261624

eBook ISBN: 9798891261631

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Wolf Shifter

Release Date 2/26/2024

Saul Tate was just ready to get home and rest. This trip had zapped all his energy, and he just wanted to crawl into his bed and sleep for a year. He was a shifter and never got sick, but he hurt all over. Was this what it felt like to get the flu? If it was, it sucked.

Saul woke to the sweetest little girl, Lynn, sitting next to his bed in the hospital, staring at him. It didn’t take him long to realize that her mother, Chalina, was his mate. He had found his mate, and he now had a daughter. Saul couldn’t be happier.

That happiness, though, was short-lived. Lynn was doing a complete 180. The sweet little girl was gone, and in her place was a rude, selfish, and vengeful nine-year-old not only fighting with him but putting her mother through hell. Saul was at his wit’s end….

Jeremiah 200x300.jpg


Tate's Crossing Book 6

Author: Kathi S. Barton

Paperback ISBN:

eBook ISBN:

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Wolf Shifter

Release Date 6/24/2024

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