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Author Tom Brewster

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About the Author


Tom Brewster was born and raised in mid America at its best, the State of Missouri, to a third generation of loggers and parents of ten children. He could be considered the middle child if you count by five. He learned life lessons on the boot heels of Pop who spoke little, and Mom, a woman far wiser than her education and background, and big brother Glen with more than a fair amount of humor. He left home when it dawned on him that we were the family that charitable organizations would deliver Christmas boxes to only to be thrown off the porch with a mixture of pride and frustrated anger. Some

of his early homes included an abandoned houseboat, a deserted dance hall, and for a few days a tree house so that he wouldn't miss work at the sawmill just up the road. Finally, Uncle Sam firmly invited him to become a soldier. He courted his wife on foot, in worn combat boots before deciding to get a real job when she agreed to marry him. He attended local and community colleges and found a home at the Lincoln, Illinois Police Department. He developed a kinship to the brilliantly quirky State’s Attorney and worked as his investigator after leaving the police force. Always preferring to be his own boss, he finally found his niche as a state-licensed private investigator. His biggest accomplishments, however, remain his children, Alison and Ryan, and their children and hopefully generations to come who will enjoy this read, The Hung Jury.

The Hung Jury


Author: Tom Brewster

Paperback ISBN: 9781629895291

eBook ISBN: 9781629895307

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Release Date 09/12/2016

In the mid-seventies Roderick Constance, much like many college freshman out on their own in a world without parental constraints for the first time, late second semester was a time of disappointment and turmoil with the direction of how his life was headed. His academic and social failures were always someone else’s fault, his trouble with the law a matter of a conspiracy of misunderstanding his right to do as he pleased without consequence. The primary difference between this 19-year-old’s self-absorption and most others was that he carried out his savage revenge without regard to humanity and what was known in those days as common decency. He methodically murdered people who got in his way and those who were only pursuing their lives in an honest, purposeful way. In 2011 retired police officer Morgan Cooper reveals the recurring nightmare and lingering memories that haunted him for the last 35 years, surrounding a routine shoplifting misdemeanor case in which he had been the arresting officer. The mystery unfolds and details unravel in a terrifying look into the darkest recesses in the mind of a young man without a soul.

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