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Author Ty Spencer Vossler

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About the Author


Ty Spencer Vossler, MFA, is the Xman (ex-farmer, ex-truck driver, ex-powerlifter, ex-cop, expatriate). He currently lives in Tlaxcala, Mexico, with his BMW (beautiful Mexican wife) and daughter. He has taught English and creative writing for twenty-three years, and currently is a professor for the Colegio ADA in Puebla, Mexico. His rich life experience has shaped his writings into a reflection of contemporary society. Vossler’s published short stories, essays, and poetry have won worldwide acclaim. He attributes his original and creative work to the fact that he shot his television over two decades ago. To learn more about Vossler, visit:

The Eye of Espinoza


Author: Ty Spencer Vossler

Paperback ISBN: 9781629896717

eBook ISBN: 9781629896724

Genre: Erotica

Release Date 04/23/2017

The Eye of Espinoza opens in Binghamton, New York, circa 1952. An eccentric painter, Espinoza, is found dead by a concerned neighbor who notices that his newspapers have been collecting in his yard for weeks:

The cat weaved between her ankles and she nudged it aside. It protested and returned instantly. Emily knocked on the door, “Señor Espinoza?”

She put an ear to the door, opened just a crack to peek in. Droning flies covered the two large windows facing the street, allowing in a staccato of dim morning light as they shifted around. Overwhelmed by the stench, she summoned her courage, took a deep breath, and stepped inside.

“Mister—” as she turned her head to the right, a scream lodged in her throat. She backed out of the room, sank to her knees and vomited through the stair rail. The cat scampered down the stairs to lap up the remnants of Mrs. Smythe’s breakfast.

In order to resell the house, an erotic mural painted by Espinoza on the master bedroom ceiling must be plastered over. Then, in 2016, a young married couple, Kiri and Paul, buy the house. During a mild earthquake, a piece of ceiling plaster falls on their bed, revealing an eye. Kiri becomes obsessed with liberating the entire mural. Erotic details slowly emerge, and Espinoza’s painting has a strange, erotic and murderous effect on the couple’s relationship.

Paul stressed about the mural as its universe expanded like a filthy big-bang theorem. The ceiling was littered with naked bodies, intertwined, engaged in every decadent act know to man and beast. Paul yearned for a return to the time when their fantasies were safe, a time when he didn’t feel so goddamned inadequate.

The Eye of Espinoza is darkly humorous, very sexy, quite horrifying, and richly satisfying.



Author: Ty Spencer Vossler

Paperback ISBN: 9781629899077

eBook ISBN: 9781629899084

Genre: Science Fiction Thriller

Release Date 04/16/2018


Aliens, monsters, lunatics, and unlikely heroes abound in Seedlings, revealing the human condition in its raw glory. Aided by their own self-destructive nature, humans become an endangered species. 

In the near future a trio of events shape a perfect storm, altering life on Earth forever. A corrupt agreement with the Mexican bureaucracy gives North America mining rights to an extinct volcano in Tlaxcala, which they claim to use as a radioactive waste storage site. Instead, the greatest technological achievement in the history of man, Esperanza, is built inside. Esperanza is a starship designed to carry seedlings of the richest 1% to the closest exoplanet.  

A small, covert military alien population known as, The Collective, are stationed on Earth. For many years they’ve been waiting patiently for humans to annihilate themselves so that they can use Earth as a staging ground to conquer other (more important) planets. The Collective considers humans as parasitic—cattle to be driven into the slaughterhouse. Earth will make a suitable place for soldiers to take R&R.  

A brilliant, unhinged, computer software engineer facilitates the domino effect when he invents a drinkable nanochip, linking users to the Internet with a blink of an eye. The chip is engineered so that, with time, users can’t disconnect, resulting in unimaginable horrors. After the damage is done, a few amazing survivors are left to fight against the alien presence.  

Seedlings, is beautifully written, begging the question: Can we overcome our self-indulgent ways to become truly human again? 



Author: Ty Spencer Vossler

Paperback ISBN:  9781956271341

eBook ISBN:  9781953271358

Genre: Science Fiction/Magical Realism

Release Date 11/30/2020


Meadowland is a timely novel celebrating the dysfunctional complexity of commonplace lives in a small California town—a tour de force that delves deeply into the hubris of everyday life. Meadowland is populated with peculiar citizens, including the sociopathic, backsliding minister, an adulterous garbage collector who pairs with a wealthy physician’s wife, a baseball-obsessed father who forces his love of the game on his young son, and a schizophrenic English teacher fighting desperately against personal demons. You’ll meet brave children unearthing answers to life’s toughest questions, and discover the driftwood of your childhood along the way.


Meadowland is a passionate, humorous, heartbreaking, allegorical rollercoaster ride. Beautifully written, it is burgeoning with cool morning hopes that dehydrate in the blazing sun by midday—an unforgettable, artistic rendering of the everyday (fight or flight) to find meaning in a world that is becoming increasingly irrational.



Author: Ty Spencer Vossler

Hardback ISBN: 9781960076052

Paperback ISBN: 9781960076069

eBook ISBN: 9781960076076

Genre: Science Fiction/Magical Realism

Release Date 04/18/2023


In 1950, The LadySmith snub-nosed .38 was developed by Smith and Wesson. It was designed especially for women. Hammerless, it didn’t snag on clothing and could be secreted in a small purse.

LadySmith is the life story of Jimmy Koch, relentlessly bullied in his youth by an older brother and sister as well as classmates. He’s unable to stand up for himself until he discovers LadySmith in his grandfather’s storeroom.

LadySmith is an amber world, where answers are never black and white. Life is lost and found. There are shipwrecks and rescues. At the end of each, something floats to the surface to reveal what we’ve become.

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