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Author Will Mullins

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About the Author


Will's poetry, short stories, and guest blog articles have appeared in Half Tones to Jubilee, Riverwind, REAL: The Journal of Liberal Arts, Limestone, Cyclamens and Swords Magazine, Scrittura Magazine, California Quarterly, Off the Coast, On the Veranda, Orange Coast Review, Salmon Creek Journal, Ripples in Space, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Theme Park Magazine, Submittable's Guest Blog, and the Institute of Internal Communication's Guest Blog.

Several of his feature screenplays have been under option to L.A. based production companies. Some of his short scripts have been produced, in addition to a pitch pilot for his reality series concept Haunted U.S.A. He wrote and co-directed a murder-mystery short film called The Victim that won the award for Best Professional Narrative Short Film at the UNA George Lindsey Film Festival. His scripts have also been successful in numerous screenplay competitions, including two recent Honorable Mention wins at the long running Screenplay Festival script competition and a Bronze Award at the L.A. Sci-Fi and Horror Festival.

Miller's Ridge


Author: Will Mullins

Paperback ISBN: 9781960076885

eBook ISBN: 9781960076892

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Release Date 6/19/2023

A group of college students takes a summer trip to the Appalachian Mountains to do a little ghost hunting. When they arrive at Miller’s Ridge, they discover more than they bargained for. The group must make their way from Miller’s Ridge down the mountain, pursued by murderous cult members who want to kill them and trap their spirits forever on the mountain.

Their only hope to escape may be found in properly interpreting a series of mysterious, poetic messages they receive through a tablet one of them is carrying. Will the odd communications from an unknown source lead them to safety or to their demise? Will they live to see the sun rise on Miller's Ridge?

Miller's Ridge Audio.jpg
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