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His Every Wish - eBook

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by Elissa Daye

Reed McMahon has anything a man could wish for in any lifetime. All he has to do is rub the magic lamp, and the djinn who lived inside would happily satisfy his needs. When he sets his eyes on Faye Porter, Reed decides to use his second wish to make her fall for him. His Djinn, Mira, fulfills his wish, but all the while hatches a plan to keep him away from the object of his affection.

Faye Porter wants nothing to do with her family, so when Mama begs for her help bailing out her sister, Faye almost refuses. Her guilt in leaving her younger sister behind made it difficult to refuse. From the time Faye had left home, she had been on the run from the disgusting man her mother had tried to pair her up with when she was still a minor. No matter where she went, that creep always seemed to find her. A private detective by trade, Charlie was the stalker of the worst sort, making Faye change her identity so often she almost forgot who she was.

Would the jealousy of a spiteful djinn keep both of them from finding their happily ever after?

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