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Shadow Stalker - Revenant Book 2 - eBook

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by Elissa Daye

Out of the darkness, a hero will rise.

A protector with a shady past, Caylin is hell bent on destroying the shadows that line the streets every night, part of her calling for as long as she can remember. With her faithful athame at her side, Caylin uses an ancient magic along with a boiling contempt, to help those who cannot protect themselves from the horrors around them.

When a handsome stranger enters her path, she has no idea Griffin will whisk her away to the Watch Tower, a magical powerhouse of Guardians that want to rid the world of the same darkness she fights. When she realizes that she has to become the Shadow Stalker, Caylin is prepared to risk her life to bring an end to the reign of terror on her world. She must hunt for the Revenant who seems to be behind all of the madness and hysteria.

As she tries to adjust to her new life at the Watch Tower, she finds herself pulled to the one man who makes her want to rip her hair out. Can she resist the fire that flows between them or will she burn in its flames?

Can Caylin find a way to save her world before it’s too late?

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