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Shadow Walker - Revenant Book 1 - eBook

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by Elissa Daye

Where darkness falls, the Shadows will rise.

When her life was spiraling out of control, Lyssa found herself surrounded by shadows that fed off her emotions. She watched them devour nearly all of her happiness before she finally had enough of their darkness.

The young witch decided it was time to fight back. After attacking a Shadow on her college campus, Lyssa and her closest friend, Jackson, are transported away by a mysterious man who is a guardian of the Watch Tower, a magical corporation that protects the world from evil. The Guardians of Sector 4 are convinced that she is the Shadow Walker, a witch who can help them figure out how to vanquish the shadows.

As she tries to navigate her new life at the Watch Tower, she finds herself attracted to Hunter, a handsome Guardian of Sector 4 who has made his intentions toward her quite clear. Like a moth drawn to his tantalizing flame. Lyssa can’t get enough of him. When Hunter is pulled deep undercover, Lyssa has no choice but to let him go as she continues to hurl down the path cast before her.

Can Lyssa find a way to walk among the shadows before she loses Hunter completely?

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