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Wrecked - Knight Pack Series Book 1 - eBook

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by Elissa Daye

When Sabrina Moss makes her way down the darkened path of the forest, she has no idea that she is about to run into the most infuriating man she will ever meet. Traveling to Witch’s Hollow, her intent is to investigate the mysterious deaths in the area. From a long line of hereditary witches, Brina uses her gifts to solve crimes against the paranormal community.

After Killian Knight finds Brina in the forest, his life is forever altered as the wolf inside him starts to yearn for her touch. He wants her more than the air he breathes, but does not want to tie her down to him. When his wolf chooses a mate, he can have no other. Try as he might, he cannot put the beautiful witch out of his mind.

Can Brina find a way to solve the murders at Witch’s Hollow without losing her heart in the process?

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